Art is a community effort

Art is a community effort

“… art is a community effort - a small but select community living in a spiritualized world…”

— Allen Ginsberg, American poet

The active and ongoing contribution of artists to the fabric of Hampton is one of the distinctive features of our town that makes it special. Since the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership was formed about six years ago, our mission has been consistently supported by the arts community. It began with the late John Murphy; his talents as a painter, sculptor, musician, and actor were a unique contribution to our efforts to alleviate the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in Piggs Peak, Swaziland. He was also one of the first Hamptonians to travel to Piggs Peak to help foster relationships and assist our efforts there. Part of his legacy is the mural on the side of a school building that will serve as an ongoing testament to our relationship with Fundukuwela High School. Although John is no longer with us, his innate kindness and compassion for his fellow humans continues to inspire all of us – artists and non-artists alike.


Partnership Committee member, Sue Hooper, describes “Art for Africa”, an inspired effort by Hampton artists to raise funds to help our neighbours in Piggs Peak. “With the theme of nature, our beautiful world, earth, sky, plants, people and animals, 8 local artists: George Fry; Fred Harrison; Kathy and Sue Hooper; Pat Mercer; Helga Lobb; Ed Coleman; and Amy Ash will do an acrylic painting on watercolor paper, each piece up to 15" by 22".  Some will paint, trees, cityscapes, hills, people, sky… The finished work will then be cut up and spread to create a mosaic, but with "follow through" of design, and mounted onto a large canvas. We have a month to complete the painting with our mosaic assembly party on Saturday morning, 10 am July 9th.”


“The opportunities for buying raffle tickets and supporting Piggs Peak will start with Bloomin’ Artists July 23 and 24 at the River Center in Hampton; a summer garden party is August 14th at Bev Harrison’s and there is a Concert by the Creek also held in August.”


This exciting project by some of the most renowned artists in the area is sure to be a seminal creation – a work of art representing the artistic and altruistic soul of Hampton. Sue tells us that each artist will be sending 2 to 3 images as they create their individual piece so we hope to follow the creative process and share this with the community.


Be sure to take the opportunity to purchase tickets at the venues mentioned above. Stay tuned for more specifics about these upcoming summer events.


If you would like further information about this project, about the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership, or if you would like to support our ongoing efforts to help those suffering from the scourge of HIV/AIDS in our partner community, please visit our website or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003.


Art is a community effort