Bev Harrison visits Piggs Peak

Bev Harrison visits Piggs Peak

Bev Harrison recently returned from a three week trip to Swaziland in June. The trip was a visit to his friend Mphiwa Dlamini, who was in Hampton in October 2006 and November 2008. Bev originally planned to spend three days in Piggs Peak but the trip turned into eight days as he became involved with a number of different issues of interest to the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. His time was spent learning about our partners, assisting with students fees, and helping cut through red tape on a project involving the construction of a well in Macembini that the Partnership will likely be funding.


The community of Macembini comprises about four hundred people within the Piggs Peak town limits. The direness of the situation there is beyond description in this brief article. The requirement for a well to provide clean drinking water is but one of many of the needs. Construction of the well is a big job but dealing with the bureaucracy to get the necessary approvals is a daunting task in itself. Bev was a great help through meetings with the town mayor, town manager and engineer. He also had a fruitful meeting with the minister of Natural Resources. Bev’s friend Mphiwa (Protocol Officer to the King of Swaziland) is following up with the minister to get this project moving forward.


While in Piggs Peak, Bev visited four high schools, including Fundukuwela and Piggs Peak Central where Hampton is helping keep 70 young people in school. He also visited St Paul’s Anglican Primary School where he spoke to a grade 7 class and answered questions on subjects ranging from life in Canada to the AIDS problem in their own country. The biggest request from this school is to get books to start a library.


While at Fundukuwela High School, which Bev visited most days, he met a young grade 10 student, Lewis Maseko, and made a personal commitment to provide for the remainder of his schooling. Bev has offered to keep us informed about Lewis’s family situation, “the plight of one among many of the students”.


Bev spent some time visiting the homesteads of students, including Nontokozo (who is known to many people in Hampton from her visit last June). Bev tells us “the conditions are beyond simply Spartan, being all what Nontokozo described to us last year.”


In Bev’s notes from his trip he writes “The needs are there; Hampton’s response is very much appreciated and making a difference for many people. The happy faces, the grateful thanks and the sincerity of these warm and friendly people make all our efforts more than worthwhile. We may not be able to help everyone, but we are making a big difference to the lives of those we support.”


Bev’s assistance is greatly appreciated. If you would like to help by making a donation to the Partnership, please visit our website .



Bev Harrison visits Piggs Peak