Council to Council ties get stronger in the Partnership

Council to Council ties get stronger in the Partnership

When the Partnership between Hampton and Piggs Peak was initiated in the spring of 2005 it was based on a three-pronged approach. Individual relationships were established between our respective high schools, churches, and town councils. When Laura Myers and Chris Rendell traveled to Piggs Peak in July, they visited our counterparts in each of these areas. They took with them a letter of greeting and renewed commitment from Mayor Chorley on behalf of Hampton Town Council. During Chris and Laura’s visit with Piggs Peak Council, they delivered the letter to Piggs Peak Mayor, Reggie Lukhele. They returned with a letter from Mayor Lukhele to “His Lordship, the Mayor of Hampton” (excerpts are printed with permission from the Mayor).


Mayor Lukhele writes “Receive warmest greetings from the Council and Residents of Piggs Peak Town in Swaziland. It gives us pleasure to be in contact again. We remain committed to the relationship that was created between Piggs Peak and Hampton back in 2005…”


“The relationship has a lot of potential in helping out two towns improve the understanding and appreciation of diversity in ways of life. When the whole Town Twinning concept was initiated in 2005, we identified areas of potential cooperation between Piggs Peak and Hampton. These areas include exchange programmes in education, health, tourism and many others.”


Mayor Lukhele also mentions being visited by Bev Harrison and how it “assisted us broaden the network that strengthens the Hampton-Piggs Peak relationship”. He closes his letter with “Your Lordship, we remain committed to taking this relationship to another level, for the benefit of our residents in the two Towns. Pass our sincere greetings to the Council and the Residents of Hampton”.


The Council-to-Council relationship may turn out to be an important one for the overall Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. We are currently exploring some projects in Piggs Peak that that may only be feasible with the oversight and involvement of Piggs Peak Council. A dialogue and affiliation with our own Council will be helpful in monitoring and controlling these projects.


A reminder that on SEPTEMBER 24, Laura Myers and Chris Rendell will be giving an audio/visual presentation of their recent trip to Piggs Peak at the Hampton Middle School Theatre. They will begin at 7 pm. ADMISSION WILL BE FREE.


If you would like to learn more about the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership or make a donation please call Mark Bettle at 832-0003 or visit our website at


Council to Council ties get stronger in the Partnership