Empowering Women - An important part of the solution

Empowering Women - An important part of the solution

“Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights.”

--- Mahnaz Afkhami, Iranian-American Human Rights Activist


When Claire Ashton went to Ghana in West Africa in 2006, she never thought she’d meet a couple there who would inspire her and women in Hampton to raise thousands of dollars. They were Franciska Darko and her husband Evans, the founders and operators of the FrankEve School in the town of Agona Swedru.


Franciska told Claire that she started the school because young women in Ghana often had to leave conventional schools at a very young age, and never received enough education to work independently. She wanted them to learn skills so they could earn their own living. Her school teaches cooking and sewing, not so girls can be home-makers, but so they can work in restaurants and hotels, in the clothing industry, or in businesses of their own.


Since then, the FrankEve organization has developed considerably. Now Franciska and Evans are able to employ staff members to teach vocational course and rely on volunteers to teach the remainder of the subjects. Each student’s success inspires the couple to persevere and continue to educate and empower young women in Ghana.


In much the same way, the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership has recognized the importance of empowering women in Swaziland as an important measure toward our mission to alleviate the impact of HIV/AIDS. Our immediate goal is to construct a modern new latrine at Piggs Peak Central High School to replace the pit toilets that are currently used by the female students. Through doing so, we will help lessen the gender inequality that is a root cause of AIDS.


Since Claire’s visit to Ghana, the women of Hampton have held a couple of very successful “Women Supporting Women” dinners to raise funds for the FrankEve School. This year, Hampton’s FrankEve supporters want to contribute toward a restaurant at the school to help generate a sustainable source of revenue there.


Mutually recognizing the worthiness of our respective goals, the FrankEve group and the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership have decided to team up. On Saturday, November 27, there will be a Women’s Dinner and Silent Auction to support the students at Piggs Peak Central High School and Ghana’s Frankeve Centre. The dinner will start at 6 pm at the Seniors’ Resource Centre in Hampton. There will be a cash bar and entertainment will be provided by Shanklin Road. Tickets are $45 each and are available at the Dr VA Snow Centre or by calling Janice Robinson at 832-6210. Tickets are limited and some groups have already booked a table of eight people so please get your ticket soon if you would like to attend. Based on past dinners, this will be a lot of fun!!

For any questions regarding the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership, please visit our website www.hamptonpiggspeak.ca or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003.

Empowering Women - An important part of the solution