Every dollar raised goes to the projects we are supporting

Every dollar raised goes to the projects we are supporting

I recently received a telephone call from a reader of this article. She told me she had been moved by the stories describing the lives and conditions of young people in Piggs Peak. They are students without food or clothing, let alone school fees. They are orphans without parents who had been claimed by AIDS. They are children without hope who have resigned themselves to a life of poverty and despair. She had been moved to help… in any way she could.


The lady who called is a widow living on a fixed income. Her financial resources are limited but she recognizes that we are all extremely affluent compared to our neighbours in Piggs Peak. So she has committed to help put a student through school in 2011. This is the most important thing we can do to break the cycle of poverty, disease and hopelessness that threatens every young Swazi. And for her help we are thankful.


One thing that attracted this supporter to the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership is that 100 percent of every dollar that is donated goes directly toward the projects we are supporting in Swaziland. I have included a brief financial summary below that shows we transferred over $40,000 to projects in Piggs Peak last year.


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We are paying for water (access to wells), food, clothing… we are even in the process of building a modern latrine at one of the high schools to alleviate the gender inequality that is a leading cause of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland. But most of all we are paying for school fees. This year we have committed to supporting 72 high school students. This alone will cost over $40,000. Our total expenditures this year will be over $50,000. The commitment to pay the fees for 72 students was actually a huge leap of faith since the funds required to do so are not currently available to us. But we just could NOT turn our backs on the students we supported last year. The stories are heartbreaking.


We are counting on your help and hope you will be moved to make a donation to support any of our projects, help pay school fees, or become a Starfish Sponsor. To do so, please visit our website www.hamptonpiggspeak.ca or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003 or Carl MacKenzie (Starfish Coordinator) at 832-2704. We would welcome any questions and appreciate your support.


Every dollar raised goes to the projects we are supporting