Help, Hope, Opportunity - What does it mean

Help, Hope, Opportunity - What does it mean

“As far as false hope, there is no such thing. There is only hope or the absence of hope… nothing else”

---- Patti Davis, author

“I am afraid of AIDS” she said.  “I am afraid of dying.” These are the words of 12-year old Ncobile. John Lovett tells us “At the age of nine she was raped by a man who believed that sex with a young virgin would cure his AIDS.  The rape alone would be enough of a tragedy.  But in addition to the devastating effects of being raped, she was also given this terrible disease; a virtual death sentence.  And as a final blow, she was abandoned by her parents, because of the shame, and left to fend for herself on the streets of Manzini.”

The funds we raise here in Hampton are used to help children like Ncobile in Piggs Peak. We pay for food and clothing and sometimes for medical assistance but mostly we pay for school fees. The tagline for our Starfish program is “help, hope, and opportunity”. The help we provide by paying school fees for orphaned children gives them hope for a better future. In a nation where a 15 year-old has only a one-in-five chance of living to 50, we often simply give them hope for a future. Period.

The opportunity? Well, we believe an education will give each young person the opportunity to break out of the cycle of unemployment, disease and despair that permeates Swaziland. But the opportunity is yours as well. The Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership provides YOU with the opportunity to help someone like young Ncobile. You can easily contribute through our website ; by contacting me or another member of our Partnership Committee; or by supporting one of our many fundraisers.

On Sunday, August 14 you can demonstrate your support for the work we are doing by attending our PIGGS PEAK GARDEN PARTY. This event will be hosted by Bev and Marje Harrison at their home at 52 Centennial Road. Between 2 and 5 pm, you will enjoy local art, refreshments, and (we are proud to announce) music by the NB Youth Orchestra Quartet! As many of you know, the NBYO has recently returned from an international classical music competition in Vienna, Austria where they took first place! Tickets are $25 each and are available at Holly’s Restaurant or by contacting a member of the Piggs Peak Partnership Committee.

 This is your opportunity to help the young people in Swaziland while also enjoying a unique opportunity to hear this world-class musical ensemble. I know the children like Ncobile would appreciate your support.

For more information about the Garden Party of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership, visit our website or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003.

Help, Hope, Opportunity - What does it mean