In front of see an Orphan

In front of see an Orphan

Many readers will remember when John Lovett and Nontokozo Dlamini visited Hampton from Piggs Peak, Swaziland a little less than two years ago. We remain in close contact with John who works tirelessly in Piggs Peak on behalf of the Partnership. We also continue to hear from Nontokozo who is pursuing her university education.

Back in June, 2008, some of us were fortunate enough to attend the dinner in Hampton at which Nontokozo spoke so eloquently about life in Swaziland and the challenges she faces along with her fellow Swazis. “In front of you… you see an orphan”, she remarked. “I was thirteen years old when I lost my father. I had to take on many responsibilities – making sure the children have food, the children are going to school, they are doing their homework, they are wearing clean clothes. It is not an unusual thing in Swaziland. Half the students at Fundukuwela High find themselves in a similar situation as mine”.

Nontokozo went on to explain, “I am a product of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. I graduated last November as one of the top students in my school and that was because of the support you gave me… I worked very hard at school. I really did my best. And most of the students at Fundukuwela High that you are supporting are doing their best. They want to please you. And I know that in giving this to the Swazi people you will get a great reward from God”.

Nontokozo’s story is one that is common to many young people in Swaziland. “When my father died I missed several months of school because my mother could not pay for my school fees. She couldn’t pay for my siblings’ school fees.” But through the donations of the people in Hampton, we were able to pay for Nontokozo to attend school.

Anyone who saw Nontokozo’s heartfelt speech could not help but be moved by her story, not to mention her courage and her character. We are happy to tell you that we have now provided access to videos of that very speech on our website ( You will find two links right under the link to the Starfish program, our new program that will allow you to help children who are now in the same situation as Nontokozo was when we helped her. Hampton High School is doing its part in an imaginative way. The school’s goal is to sponsor two students for one year by having each home room class collect and donate the monthly fee of $25. Thank you to the students and staff at Hampton High School! Perhaps you or your organization can come up with a creative way to be a Starfish sponsor.

For further information regarding the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership or the Starfish Program, please visit our website or contact Mark Bettle at 832-0003 or Carl MacKenzie, Starfish Program Coordinator, at 832-2704.

If you would like to see the video of Nontokozo speech, click on the links below:

Nontokozo Speech in Hampton - Part 1

Nontokozo Speech in Hampton - Part 2






In front of see an Orphan