Minga - The coming together of a community for the betterment of all

Minga - The coming together of a community for the betterment of all

Minga: in a language of Ecuador, "the coming together of a community for the betterment of all."


“Minga”. No better word could be used to describe the community of Hampton’s efforts to reduce the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland by providing help, hope and opportunity for a better future… one person at a time. This is the mission of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. And no better example of this ideal exists then within the community of students at Hampton High School. In fact, it was the “Minga Group” at Hampton High School that recently raised the incredible total of $2,627.12 for school feels in Piggs Peak. These funds will sponsor 8 fellow Swazi students through the Partnership’s Starfish program!


HHS teacher Laura Myers describes the efforts of the students there. “The Minga group, a group of students led by Amanda Boudreau, organized the fundraising. We started by talking to all Grade 9 classes about the Starfish program (they didn't know about it because they weren't here last year). Two students went to each Grade 9 class and read them the Starfish story, showed them a picture of one of our sponsored students and read the letter that they had written.” 


“I sent out e-mails to all teachers and I included the link to our partnership web-site and encouraged them to show the web-site and read the starfish story to their classes.  The minimum goal was for each class to raise $25 (enough to sponsor 1 student for 1 month).  As usual, some teachers worked very hard at encouraging their students. Some even offered to match what the students brought in.”


“The Minga students decorated ice cream containers with Starfish drawings and gave one to each homeroom class.  From there, the money just started rolling in. We had two weeks to collect the money and we offered a cookie party to the class that brought in the most money per student.” 


“Donna Fry's homeroom (with the help of Mrs. Fry) and Glenn Hall's homeroom (with the help of the Green Team) brought in the most money per person, but there were a lot of great stories from other teachers as well. Mrs. Parsons in particular was very happy with the generosity her class showed.  Grad class gave the proceeds from 2 weeks of popcorn sales and the resource and methods teachers and TAs had a 50/50 draw.  I also posted the pictures of the 6 students we are currently sponsoring in the lobby so the students could see who they were.”


Thank you to the students and staff of HHS for their ongoing support. Their spirit of giving, their sense of community… their “minga”… can serve as an example and inspiration to all of us. If you feel inspired to make a donation or perhaps even become a Starfish Sponsor, please visit our website www.hamptonpiggspeak.ca or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003 or Carl MacKenzie (Starfish Coordinator) at 832-2704.


Minga - The coming together of a community for the betterment of all