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Hampton Community Events and News

  • 2011 Calendars

    The Hampton - Piggs Peak Partnership has once again produced calendars for 2011 as part of our fundraising efforts. These calendars can be purchased from any of the committee members, listed on the front page of our website. A great way to support a local cause and purchase a household necessity at the same time.

    A big thank you to the individuals and businesses, in the community, that made donations to offset the production of the 2011 Hampton - Piggs Peak calendar. These donations covered the cost of production which allows all proceeds of calendar sales to go to the projects that the partnership is undertaking. Another great example of the Hampton community support !!

  • 2010 Tyler Henderson Coffee House - Huge Success !!

    This event just keeps getting bigger and bigger !! A huge crowd was on hand for the 2010 coffee house that provides funds for the Tyler Henderson memorial scholarship. The evening was full of great entertainment showcasing local talent (huge thank you to all the performers !) and great refreshments. The standing room only crowd not only supported a great cause but also received a great evening of musical entertainment.

    Mme Golding and Mme Power 2010-2011 Grade 5 Class also made a presentation during the coffee house of a cheque for $1500 to the Starfish Program. This money will be used to sponsor 5 students in Piggs Peak.

  • J. D. Irving, Limited - Community Involvement donation

    The Hampton - Piggs Peak partnership recentely received a $500 donation from J.D. Irving, Limited as part of the company's on going committment to helping community activities. Thank You J. D. Irving, Limited!


  • Envirofair provides venue for Starfish Program

    On Saturday, Sept 25, we were invited to participate in the Hampton Envirofair at Hampton High School. We took the opportunity to setup a table and help educate people on the partnership and the Starfish Program specifically. There was a great turnout for the day and we would like to thank the planning committee of the Envirofair for including us in their event. Much appreciated !

  • Concert by the Creek 2010 a huge success

    Saturday, August 23 saw the second annual Concert by the Creek event in support of the Hampton Piggs Peak Partnership.

    Blair Boudreau was our gracious host again this year where a great crowd was entertained by Hampton and area musicians. There are few experiences in life like gathering with friends under a summer star filled night, listening to great music for a great cause.

    Thanks to all who supported this event. You are making a difference to our Swazi neighbours who need our help.

    See some photos of the evening

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Hampton Council News and Events

  • Official Memorandum of Understanding signed

    At the Mayor’s Levee on January 1,   an official Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Hampton, Town of Piggs Peak, and the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership Committee was signed. Although the Partnership has been in place for a few years now, this agreement (previously signed by the Mayor of Piggs Peak) officially lays out some broad principles and guidelines for cooperation between our respective communities. This will allow our relationship to be sustained well into the future.

    Interestingly, just prior to the signing ceremony, Dr. John Quinn was recognized for his thirty-plus years of service to the people of Hampton. Why is this interesting? Well it was John who first committed to support the education of a student in Piggs Peak throughout that person’s high school education. You may recognize this as the genesis of the Starfish Program through which the education of about 50 students is now paid. Clearly John’s service to community goes beyond the boundaries of Hampton to our extended neighbourhood of Piggs Peak.

  • Councils formalizing partnership

    The town councils between Hampton and Piggs Peak have moved one step closer to formalizing their relationship. A formal proposal is under review between the two councils that will outline how the two will work together.

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Hampton Schools News and Events

  • Hampton High School gives 8 children in Piggs Peaks new Hope!!!

    Hampton High School sponsored 6 students last year thru fundraising efforts. This year when it was time to renew these sponsorships, they not only raised enough money for the 6 students they had but were able to sponsor 2 additional students!! Thank you HHS students and staff for your continued support !!

  • Mme Golding and Mme Power Class - Sponsor 5 students

    A huge Thank You !! to the 2010 - 2011 Grade 5 class of Mme Golding and Mme Power at the elementary school who raised $1500 for the Starfish Program. This money will be used to sponsor 5 students in Piggs Peak.

    The students raised the money through fundraising activities that included a hike and a starfish cookie sale. Some of the students were on hand at the Annual Coffee House to make the presentation of the cheque and tell the crowd about how and why they did this fundraising. The Hampton Piggs Peak Partnerhsip presented the class with a framed Starfish to hang in the school.

  • Thank you Hampton Middle School

    A big thank you goes out to the students and staff of the Hampton Middle School who raised $340 thru fundraising efforts at the school earlier this year. Thank You!

  • Ryan Harley donates

    A big thank you to Ryan Harley who generously donated some of his scholarship money to the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership during the graduation ceremonies at Hampton High School in June. Good luck to you Ryan in all your future pursuits.

  • Grade 1 Class at Leatherbarrow donate proceeds

    A big thank you to Rosemary Wilson's Grade 1 class at Dr Leatherbarrow Elementary who had a used book sale and donated the proceeds to the Hampton Piggs Peak Partnership. The class raised and donated $100.

  • HHS sponsor 5 students in Piggs Peak thru Starfish

    Hampton High School students and staff have generously sponsored 5 Piggs Peak students in the Starfish Program. It is great to see that our future leaders have compassionate hearts and  global perspectives. Special thanks to the staff at HHS for teaching life lessons, as well as academic lessons. Thank you HHS for your continued support!!

  • Hampton High School donation

    The students of Hampton High School have once again provided support to the people of Piggs Peak. The students recently donated the proceeds of their Homecoming activities to the Partnership.

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Hampton Church News and Events

  • St Pauls Presbyterian designates May as Piggs Peak Month

    As you can imagine, from time to time payments come due and our Partnership runs into cash flow challenges… something with which many of us can identify. We ran into such a situation in April; St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church responded to this predicament by designating May as “Piggs Peak Month” and setting a goal of raising $5,000 for the month. The congregation went into all-out fundraising mode by undertaking an Easter Breakfast; Poor Boy’s Dinner; Movie Night; Spring Tea/Bake Sale, Auction; Car Wash; and Special Offerings. Through the hard work of many… too many to mention in this space… St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church successfully raised $5,044 in May for the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership!

    The mission of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church is to demonstrate God’s love by enhancing the lives of others within the local and global community. Thank you to everyone at St. Paul’s who have so clearly demonstrated brotherly love for their neighbours in Piggs Peak through their fundraising efforts. They should take great pleasure in knowing that this love is reciprocated by those they are helping.

  • St Pauls Presbyterian leading the way

    St Pauls Presbyterian Church has for the last year formalized the process for it's congregation to help the people of Piggs Peak. St Pauls provides the ability for it's congreation to donate money thru their church donations (Envelopes and direct deposit).  Thank you St Pauls for making it easy for people to help!

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