Results of "Women helping Women" dinner

Results of "Women helping Women" dinner

“Almost three hundred school girls have just two very unsanitary pit toilets for which they must line up to use at break time. Furthermore there are no facilities for washing their hands after using the toilet, so they go to lunch or home economics class with a very good chance of spreading disease. The other side of this is that it does little to enhance their self esteem in suffering the indignity of lining up in public view to use these inadequate facilities, especially in a country where females are considered second class citizens. So providing these toilet facilities will perhaps be just one small way to empower them.”

-- John Lovett, on the current situation at Piggs Peak Central High School


Many of you will remember the extremely successful “Women Supporting Women” dinner last November where funds were raised to construct a modern latrine facility at Piggs Peak Central High School.  Beyond the obvious health benefits of sanitary facilities, this was an undertaking of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership to help reduce the gender inequality in Swaziland that is recognized as a leading cause of HIV/AIDS.


John Lovett, our partner in Piggs Peak, is currently supervising construction of the new latrine. So far, we have made a number of payments based on the completion of milestones and John recently confirmed, despite some challenges, they are proceeding on schedule.

“We begin work early in the morning with the boys mixing the cement we need for the day before it gets too hot while I run around getting supplies. Most of the materials I can carry in my car but the heavy stuff must be delivered. Then I plan the action for the day ensuring that the bricks are laid straight and square. The boys are becoming quite good and learning some useful skills.”

“Although we do not need electricity all the time, we have had the inconvenience of power cuts just when we needed it for cutting timber, so cutting by hand also takes extra time. The weather on the whole has been cooperative, not too hot and not too much rain.”

“It seems that the final details always take the longest so although it may appear that most of the work is completed, there are still a lot of little things to take care of. The walls have to be plastered and painted, toilets and doors to be installed, sinks for hand washing and a lot of other finicky details.  The school closes at the end of this week for the holidays but we should have the toilets completed and functional when the school reopens for the second term in May, providing we are not beset with any major delays.”

“The people of Hampton should be proud of this small but significant contribution.”

If you would like to make a donation to support our efforts in Piggs Peak, please visit our website or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003.

Results of "Women helping Women" dinner