St Pauls Presbyterian Church - Active in Partnership

St Pauls Presbyterian Church - Active in Partnership

An AIDS epidemic, on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world, is devastating Swaziland. In the face of their suffering, the Swazi people cling to an ideal they call “buntfu”, the essence of humanity that tells us we are all connected and should care for each other. In Hampton, we are proud of our community spirit and we know that, as humans, our community is the world. Our neighbours are not only the people next door but also the people of Africa, the people of Swaziland...the people of Piggs Peak. In the spirit of buntfu, we are compelled to care for our neighbours.”


“Love your neighbour as yourself.”

----------- Mark 12:31


Since the formation of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership 6 years ago a number of churches and church groups in our community have supported the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. For their help, we are very grateful. The fundraisers, special services, and financial donations are, I believe, recognition of the alignment between our activities and the biblical passage above.


St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church has been an active participant in the Partnership since its inception. Rev. Kent Burdett says “Our congregation has recognized that our own mission, to ‘demonstrate God’s love by identifying and pursuing opportunities to enhance the lives of others within our local and global community…guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit’, can be fulfilled in part through supporting the work of the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. Therefore, our congregation has decided to make May ‘Piggs Peak Month’. Over the month, in addition to our regular givings, we will undertake a number of special fundraisers to help our brothers and sisters in Piggs Peak.”


The congregation has already gotten a jump on things by donating the proceeds of its Easter breakfast. Coming up on Saturday, May 7, from 4 - 6 pm, there will be a Poor Boy’s Dinner at the St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church hall, 978 Main Street, Hampton. Please come and enjoy a plate of beans with ham/hot dogs, brown bread and gingerbread for dessert. In addition, the church’s Special Friends Group will be donating the proceeds from its annual Spring Tea (and Bake Sale) from 11 am - 1 pm on Saturday, May 14, at the same location.


Other May events currently in the works at St. Paul’s include a bottle drive, car wash, movie night, and yard sale. (They are a hard-working bunch!). Keep an eye out for more information on these but, for now, please consider attending the Poor Boy’s Dinner or Spring Tea/Bake Sale… or both!!! Your support will demonstrate your community spirit… and your love for your neighbour.


If you would like to make a donation to support our efforts in Piggs Peak, please visit our website or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003.

St Pauls Presbyterian Church - Active in Partnership