Thank you dearly for accepting our request. Thank you many times

Thank you dearly for accepting our request. Thank you many times

“Thank you dearly for accepting our request to help those nine desperate students. Thank you many times. Please send our gratitude to Hampton and your board of directors”.
--- Sam Mncina, Head Teacher, Peak Central High School

On Jan 23, schools in Piggs Peak opened to begin a new school year. The Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership has committed to pay high school fees for nine additional students this year. As a community we should celebrate what we are doing to provide help, hope and opportunity to over 80 young people who would otherwise be unable to attend school.

But 2012 will be a challenge as fees for this year have increased substantially. Sam Mncina has explained that this is mainly because of additional expenses for the food program at schools; increases in the price of materials like books and stationery; and reduced government assistance.

Nevertheless, the Partnership has committed to pay 100 percent of the necessary fees for all the students we selected this year. We will continue to support all the students remaining from last year and, since some have graduated and a few dropped out, a number of new students. The criteria we use to select new students are threefold: need; academic ability; and dedication. Unfortunately there are still many who meet these criteria but whom we are unable to support. John Lovett recently wrote to me about 14-year old Nonjabuliso Dlamini who came to him with tears in her eyes because she cannot attend school. She has proven herself to be an excellent student in primary school (grade 1-7) but there is nowhere for her to live close to our high schools in Piggs Peak. John tells us “Her mother has died, her father has disappeared and she lives with her grandmother some twenty kilometres from Piggs Peak and who already has five other children whom she is struggling to support.”

“Children like Nonjabuliso, without the opportunity of an education, are condemned to a life of poverty. They are especially vulnerable to abuse or at best being taken advantage of because of their dependency on any handout. These are all God's children and their lives and futures are in our hands.”

“Mark, I despair for these kids. I lose sleep as I strive to find solutions for them. I just want you to know how difficult it is to face children like this every day. I am certain you would find it just as hard as I do.”

With the lives of God’s children in our hands how can we not help? For more information or to make a donation, please visit our website or call me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003.

Thank you dearly for accepting our request. Thank you many times